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You want to build or grow a business you love? 


"Humans are complicated,

things can get messy quickly.

I focus on simplifying the translation process and providing practical solutions that work with todays international audience and business world with respect to culture and local dialects."

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Ask yourself: If I do the translation myself and it's wrong, how will my clients see me?

If your clients are working internationally they have options, which means you need to communicate effectively the first time with accurate translations or risk losing them to a competitor who understands them.

Here are some projects formats I can help you with.

If you don’t see your format listed below, contact me, maybe I can do it or know someone who can help.  Let's find solution together.

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General Written Documents

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Web & Technology

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Meeting Interpretations
(In-person or transcript)

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Video & Audio

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& Editing

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Visual Aids

I have experience in the following industries

  • Automotive

  • Documentaries

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Entertainment, Books

  • Event planning

  • Finance

  • Food Agriculture

  • Government Agencies

  • HealthMedical

  • Legal

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing & publicity

  • Music

  • Real State

  • Technology


Client Review

“We are located in Guadalajara, Mexico and we have an important client in New York. Alina helped us understanding, respectfully, cultural differences in business in order to make changes to improve the relationship resulting in more business with our client. Alina is always open to feedback and most important she delivers on time, a very significant thing in my industry full of unreliable people. I highly recommend her for your translation and interpretation projects". Ana Paula Castro - Sales Manager, Guadalajara MX.


Ask yourself: Am I really saving money using Google translate?

“Everyone wants to save money. But are you really saving money? A bad translation can lead to false expectations; this increases your risk exposure and legal liability. How much will your lawyer cost to clean up a mess?

It’s unprofessional and expensive to be wrong. This is the fastest way to lose the trust and confidence of your partners or clients.

You have insurance for all your valuable things right? Protect you and your clients by translating your projects properly. Long-term relationships equal long-term revenue for your business."

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Client Review


"I'm Mexican, currently working in Vietnam as part of the Mexican Foreign Affairs representatives and even though I speak English fluently I hired Alina to work on my translation to efficient my time. Dealing with translations takes me way too long and distracts me from my major activities. Now I can focus on my main chores and let her deal with what she is good at, making my working life less stressful." 

Berenice Elizondo –  Head of Administration and Communication Affairs.

"Alina always brings good vibes. This helps me sell homes to international buyers. She brings an honesty to the process that gives my clients confidence, this makes me more money. I feel more confident to expand my business to foreigners since I can rely on her for my presentations. Thank you Alina!" Sergio Estrella - Real Estate Agent - Guadalajara, MX

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